Tuesday, November 30


Okay. So. As someone who struggles with life, and keeping happy and all, I don't know what I can write. But. I'm having a real rough time at the moment, what with parents and friends... Let along a cats bum in me face...

Enough with that, I've started blogging to talk. Which I find hard enough on the best of days anyway.I can't get my thoughts straight, so if I make no sense, please. Don't mock me. I suck at English enough without having to constantly have to sort posts out, and so on.

As you see, the name of the whole blog page thingy is 'The innocent girls are always the secret beauties', and this was done with one person in mind. The wonderful and beautiful Kidnap. Kidnap has been there for me as I have been there  for Kidnap. She's having a rough time as well, y'see, and we both talk 'bout what went wrong through the day, and usually try and cheer eachother up. Surfice to say, one of us would get worse. Both of us are leaning towards the 'dark place', which I will get to a little later. I'm afraid to admit that I am the one who is trying not to, as if clinging onto a fence to keep off the ground. The worst part is when you can't do anything for the other, and 'cos of that, you can't do anything for yourself. Thats my issue. I can't let go. I don't know when to stop helping. Its my fatal flaw, as such.

I've been trying to help so many people, Kidnap included, and none of it has been really working. Nothing is getting through to me. I'm a wreck, but a useful wreck. In being as I am, I know what its like to be in certain situations, the most common that I seem to be trying to help with is SH. I've been there. I've done it. I'd say I've got the scars, but they've faded. I've never, and will never, do anything that'll stay. For those who are feeling like that, I think the best thing that I can direct you towards is the EQI website. Its done me a world of good, and it might just do you some to. Get other peoples perspective. It does alot of other shiz to.

Really, that be all that the Ninja thing has time for. Posts shall arive later on in the month.


  1. I swear I posted on this before but I blatantly didn't because I suck Dx

    Kidnap loves her Ninja and I promise you that we will be friends forever, and I shall always try to help you [:

  2. You. Do. Not. Suck! You rule!

    And Ninja loves her Kidnap. We will, and thank you^^...

    And remember. You ARE beautiful. You ARE wonderful. And there ain't nothing that you can say to counter that.