Thursday, December 23

So. Paramore.

Right, so I've been reading about this whole Paramore situation thing, and I'm not happy.

I'm not happy as a person
I'm not happy as a fan.
I'm not happy about the way that Josh and Zac seem to have been treated
Most of all, I'm not happy with Labels *spits*.

Many a time, I have seen artists being murdered by their label. Labels have been getting in the way of how the artists want to preform, or the ways that they should... if they want to go down that route.

I'm going to use an example.

My example is a personal comparason, between Paramore and Evarose, the biggest difference between which is one has signed to a label, the other has not.

Both have the same style of music.

Paramore has gone through a hell of a lot of Shiz recently.
Evarose has not.
Paramore have lost two of their better (and oldest) artists (Josh and Zac)
Evarose has not.
Paramore are an older band, whereas Evarose are more recent, but if I'm honest, Evarose trump Paramore easily, because they preform how they want to.

Alright, although thats a personal veiw, I wanted (and needed) to get that out there. I am sick of watching my fave musicians being ripped apart and stopped from preforming how they want to, what they want to and so on, the way they want to because of these 'labels' which they have 'signed' to.

Personally, I think its a shame that The Farro's and Paramore have gone their seperate ways, but if I'm utterly honest, I ain't all to supprised.

This is one of my first (and probably only) complaint on here, unless there is something else that really starts to peeve me off, like Labels have done.


Wednesday, December 22

Okay, I got bored...

So, I'm a mad MCR fan. Not neccicarily in the MCRmy, but I'm most certainly a Killjoy. Now, my issue is, I have a fair few idea's for Killjoy characters.... and I just so happen to feel like writing them up. So, this is what this bit's for. 

Me first one, is Nat. Full name, Poisoned Nations.(This profile is taken from another site, just to let you know...)


Real name - "Really, do you want BL/ND to get in the way... AGAIN!? Its not like they want to kill us or anything."
Alais (Killjoy name, o'course) - Poisoned Nations. "Call me Nat, if you must."
Age? - "Again? Really? If you must know, Five and twenty years."
Gender- Female.
Sexual Preferance? : "Thats for me to know, you to work out."
Hight- 5'8
Hair - Short, blue and raggedly cut, if you can see it at all.
Facial features - If ever you see Nat without her mask, your either a very close friend, or about to die. Most likely the latter.
Skin colour? - Dark, dirty, likely to be bloodstained.

Clothes? Black suit sort of outfit, ripped in places, fitted to her body shape and tight, so not to catch on anything. Under that, she wears a BLI tee, more of a mockery than anything else. The mask, of which she got her name from, is an acidic green, with black, crudly drawn, outlines of Battery City on it. Only her dark, violent green eyes is seen through the mask. She wears large, steel capped boots, which reach up over her legs, just below her knees, which protect her rather well. Instead of heels, wheels give her a speedy outcome.


"Die, you filthy BLI scum!" 
Just because she's a woman, doesn't mean that she isn't filled with the hatered for the company that has over come so many peoples lives. She is neither quiet, nor loud, but that somewhere inbetween. Emotional, she has the right to be. She knows firsthand what the Draculoids and their creators do to people. Normal people.


  • A pair of viberant BLI issued guns from her pass life, of which she has customised to suit her outfit, one a neon green, the other a deep, bloody red (Both having been tampered with to suit her needs). Both shoot lasers. Its the death, without the blood.
  • BLI brought Laser Scissors, tampered with, now forming throwing knive things, of which cut, slice and so on. She also has tampered with one so that its double edged, with a safe ring around part of it so its like a Frisbee... A killer Frisbee...
  • Static Fly Swatters (just to be on the safe side)
  • Whatever else she comes by that can be tampered with to her own needs.


I used to be a normal, BLI victim. Then I watched my mother die. I stole my fathers pills, and he saw what life was like, the way I saw it. No longer were we satisfied with the way that Battery City works. We played along. God, we stayed in line for as long as we could. My father and I lead a better life than my mother ever did. I was fifteen when she died. As soon as we caught sounds of the revelation, my father and I became true Killjoys. Loud, fun... Emotional.

Nat settled rather well into the role of being a Killjoy, having had each of those which was required of her. Although not naturally loud, she gave that general impression once off the BLI emotion pills.

"Killjoys are naturally the dregs of society. Most of us came from backgrounds of prostitution, dealers, even the odd killer. We rebbelled then, we rebel now. We were the dregs then, we're the dregs now. That sort'a thing. Personally, I don't come from that sort of background. I was a 'good girl' who relied on the 'kind heartedness' of BLI. Pshya. Really. No."
Nat never imagined that she would end up in a place like she did. Suffering with hatred issues, Nat searched out safety and revenge for her losses. In one of the fights in Zone 6 (a zone of which should very rarely be stepped into) she lost her father.

"I knew it was risky. I never knew it was this risky. My father and I fought side by side every day. The Dracs ambushed us. He was captured... Forced to return to the passive state. He fought it, and ended up loosing his sanity. I lost him to suicide."

With that, Nat had little left but to get her revenge. So far, her killing record is a good 20 dracs in one fight, usually on patrol around borders alone - brooding and wondering. Her aim is to get the nuterals and the victims out of their passive states, become a killjoy and get rid of BLI (for those who are as clueless as others, see

Never. Ever. Watch TV in Battery City. For your own safety as it is ours. Stand up against BLI. Support us Killjoys. Stay away from any meds that are shown. And do not. Ever. tune into BL/ND. Please. Listen to Dr Deathdefying. Better for you. Better for me. Better for everyone, other than the BLI scum!

Alrighty, so that was Nat. 
Pound, is me other (current) one... I'll update her a little later, but I just thought I'd chuck this out there...

Run. Run. Bunny. Run. Everybody hide your body from the scarecrow - My Chemical Romance - S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W (Its Nat's song... ish)

Tuesday, December 21

Dearest Kidnap ^^ Thankies ^_^

Right, O'course, this isn't written by me, a friend said that she would do this for me, if she felt like it. So, Here it is. And it explaines everything rather well. Thank you Kidnap!

'Sup dudes.

Okay, so lets just put it straight out there - Berenice hasn't been roleplaying as much as she used to. So maybe some of you are a bit pissed off when you see that she hasn't replied in a day, or two days, or more. And maybe you get even more pissed off when you see she has replied to some others, and not to you. But let me be one of the first to tell you that she's not ignoring you, or trying to be mean - it's nothing like that. She's in one of the most important years of her life - her GCSE year. Now I know for a fact that roleplaying means an awful bloody lot to her, and I know she worries about not replying to you guys. But in all seriousness - GCSE's are WAY more important than roleplaying. If she goes days without replying to you, it is because she is busy studying and doing coursework or doing something else to do with academic shizzle. And if you see that she has replied to others and not you, it is most likely because she hasn't replied to them in ages. And if she replies to one roleplay and not yours, don't get all annoyed at her - maybe she just felt like roleplaying with one or two certain people, because something mega big is going on in that roleplay - I don't know. But she's not deliberately ignoring you.

Now, I know you guys love her as much as I do - so please chillax, and let her reply in her own time, without sending her nasty comments asking her why she hasn't replied. Because this girl is flippin' amazing, and those kind of comments not only piss her off, but they hurt her, because she tries her best. If you have a problem with this, take it out a punch bag.

Nina xx

I recon that everthing that she says is perfectly true, and trust me, she shall get her thanks in some other way... if I can do something about it. 
Berenice XxX

Don't dream too far, Don't lose sight of who you are, Don't remember that rush of joy, He could be that boy, I'm not that girl - I'm not that girl from Wicked! 

Tuesday, November 30


Okay. So. As someone who struggles with life, and keeping happy and all, I don't know what I can write. But. I'm having a real rough time at the moment, what with parents and friends... Let along a cats bum in me face...

Enough with that, I've started blogging to talk. Which I find hard enough on the best of days anyway.I can't get my thoughts straight, so if I make no sense, please. Don't mock me. I suck at English enough without having to constantly have to sort posts out, and so on.

As you see, the name of the whole blog page thingy is 'The innocent girls are always the secret beauties', and this was done with one person in mind. The wonderful and beautiful Kidnap. Kidnap has been there for me as I have been there  for Kidnap. She's having a rough time as well, y'see, and we both talk 'bout what went wrong through the day, and usually try and cheer eachother up. Surfice to say, one of us would get worse. Both of us are leaning towards the 'dark place', which I will get to a little later. I'm afraid to admit that I am the one who is trying not to, as if clinging onto a fence to keep off the ground. The worst part is when you can't do anything for the other, and 'cos of that, you can't do anything for yourself. Thats my issue. I can't let go. I don't know when to stop helping. Its my fatal flaw, as such.

I've been trying to help so many people, Kidnap included, and none of it has been really working. Nothing is getting through to me. I'm a wreck, but a useful wreck. In being as I am, I know what its like to be in certain situations, the most common that I seem to be trying to help with is SH. I've been there. I've done it. I'd say I've got the scars, but they've faded. I've never, and will never, do anything that'll stay. For those who are feeling like that, I think the best thing that I can direct you towards is the EQI website. Its done me a world of good, and it might just do you some to. Get other peoples perspective. It does alot of other shiz to.

Really, that be all that the Ninja thing has time for. Posts shall arive later on in the month.