Tuesday, December 21

Dearest Kidnap ^^ Thankies ^_^

Right, O'course, this isn't written by me, a friend said that she would do this for me, if she felt like it. So, Here it is. And it explaines everything rather well. Thank you Kidnap!

'Sup dudes.

Okay, so lets just put it straight out there - Berenice hasn't been roleplaying as much as she used to. So maybe some of you are a bit pissed off when you see that she hasn't replied in a day, or two days, or more. And maybe you get even more pissed off when you see she has replied to some others, and not to you. But let me be one of the first to tell you that she's not ignoring you, or trying to be mean - it's nothing like that. She's in one of the most important years of her life - her GCSE year. Now I know for a fact that roleplaying means an awful bloody lot to her, and I know she worries about not replying to you guys. But in all seriousness - GCSE's are WAY more important than roleplaying. If she goes days without replying to you, it is because she is busy studying and doing coursework or doing something else to do with academic shizzle. And if you see that she has replied to others and not you, it is most likely because she hasn't replied to them in ages. And if she replies to one roleplay and not yours, don't get all annoyed at her - maybe she just felt like roleplaying with one or two certain people, because something mega big is going on in that roleplay - I don't know. But she's not deliberately ignoring you.

Now, I know you guys love her as much as I do - so please chillax, and let her reply in her own time, without sending her nasty comments asking her why she hasn't replied. Because this girl is flippin' amazing, and those kind of comments not only piss her off, but they hurt her, because she tries her best. If you have a problem with this, take it out a punch bag.

Nina xx

I recon that everthing that she says is perfectly true, and trust me, she shall get her thanks in some other way... if I can do something about it. 
Berenice XxX

Don't dream too far, Don't lose sight of who you are, Don't remember that rush of joy, He could be that boy, I'm not that girl - I'm not that girl from Wicked! 

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