Friday, February 18


Right. Sorry. Moan time.
I just heard the Glee cover of Sing. Ain't no doubt about it, Glee are talented... but they are flipping pushing it!
My Chemical Romance have a message in that, pure and strong. Be who you are 'cos those who push you down, they ain't fucking worth it. No matter what shit is thrown at you, as long as you got something (in this case, music) your fine.
I love the song to bits.
I feel betrayed. >.<

but OMMG!
I've discovered Omegle.
And one of my conversations was about my name.
No lie, the other person replied with "THATS AN AWSOME NAME!!!"
I laughed.
They made my day. AGain.

In all honesty, my mum made my day today. I have 5 ways of telling when the world is gonna end.
The first - Abbie don't feel like singing.
The second, is that one of me friends ain't horny (Don't ask.)
The third? Imie is either perfectly sane, or extremely (EXTREEEEEEMMMMLLLLYYY) insane.
The fourth? Ray turns good.
And the last? I stop worrying.

I told mum the last one.
The conversation was kinda like...
"One of the five ways to tell if the world is coming to an end is when I stop worrying." "And that'll happen before 
the world ices over?" "Exactly."

Okay. I just found that I can write in purple. I'm sad >.<

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