Sunday, January 16

Yeah... bit of a poet...

Don’t ever give up
On who you know you are.
Don’t let yourself go,
Don’t ever think that your not going to make it.

You know that life is short,
You gotta make the best of it.
You know that you can’t get out,
Until the time calls for it.

Never let your past get you down,
Think of the prospects for the future.
Never think that we don’t care,
We do more than you could ever think.

You are the rock for so many,
We’re all allowed to make mistakes.
You have sorted each of us out,
Now just let us help you.

My dear friend, you don’t have to hold it in,
You don’t have to break your heart.
You can’t always remain so strong,
You need someone to.

There is only one way you can go from here,
So start going up.
Its possible to keep going through this all,
Remember you are beautiful .

Hun - I wrote it for you ('cos I know you asked for one - and you need something to lift you up.)

I hope it don't make you cry >.< 

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