Thursday, December 23

So. Paramore.

Right, so I've been reading about this whole Paramore situation thing, and I'm not happy.

I'm not happy as a person
I'm not happy as a fan.
I'm not happy about the way that Josh and Zac seem to have been treated
Most of all, I'm not happy with Labels *spits*.

Many a time, I have seen artists being murdered by their label. Labels have been getting in the way of how the artists want to preform, or the ways that they should... if they want to go down that route.

I'm going to use an example.

My example is a personal comparason, between Paramore and Evarose, the biggest difference between which is one has signed to a label, the other has not.

Both have the same style of music.

Paramore has gone through a hell of a lot of Shiz recently.
Evarose has not.
Paramore have lost two of their better (and oldest) artists (Josh and Zac)
Evarose has not.
Paramore are an older band, whereas Evarose are more recent, but if I'm honest, Evarose trump Paramore easily, because they preform how they want to.

Alright, although thats a personal veiw, I wanted (and needed) to get that out there. I am sick of watching my fave musicians being ripped apart and stopped from preforming how they want to, what they want to and so on, the way they want to because of these 'labels' which they have 'signed' to.

Personally, I think its a shame that The Farro's and Paramore have gone their seperate ways, but if I'm utterly honest, I ain't all to supprised.

This is one of my first (and probably only) complaint on here, unless there is something else that really starts to peeve me off, like Labels have done.


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