Saturday, January 1

Now, my dearest.

This blog, I must admit, although reflecting through the past year (and possibly a few more) is mostly dedicated to that girl that I started talking to... what, just under two months ago.

Although my year was pretty boring at the start, I can name a good few times, and several boring ones, and possibly even more stupid ones.

January - little happened
Febuary - Started talking to the tosspot (all explained a little later)
March - not all to much.
April - Still talking to the tosspot, TOUR!!! Ommg, that tour was just.. Amazing. Never will I get to do it again (bloody money issues) but it was just epical! more than epical! Way way way amazing! Easter (regret regret *cough cough* to much chocolate *cough cough*
May - Started going out (again) with the Tosspot
June - Fifteenth! Loved it. Well. Nearly did. Had it not been, well, postponed untill... July...Mum went into hospital >.<
July -Fifteenth water fight ^^
August - Split with the Tosspot, major reliance on Helena. Dad hit another real low.
September - fml. Ignored tosspot. back to scool, and GCSE's. Work Experience placement fixed.Mum quit smoking
October - Not to much happened.
November - Mocks. Met Miss Kidnap (Explain more 'bout that wonderful girl in a bit) Work experiance (where I found out that I'm allergic to some sort of bug) and so on so forth.
December - got turned down from the sixth form that I wanted to go to. Got a letter 'bout it. Fell in love with Wicked. Became closer to a few people. Mum got pnuemonia. Christmas.

So, yeah, it was a shizzle of a year, but God it had its good bits.
I mean, look at me now. I know what I want, I know where I want to go to in the next year (ish) and I got my  goals all sorted.

The tosspot (formally known as Philip) broke my heart twice... but thats all I'm willing to say.

Kidnap however, God, theres a hell of a load to say 'bout her.
Kidnap (well, Nina) knows almost everthing about me. Most my darkest secrets, deepest feelings, and yet, we have never really met.
We met after she'd started roleplaying again, had the odd convosation on that account... nothing really went anywhere. Then came the little boxes.
We started talking on there, and by the Panda, we clicked immidiately. That was about the time of my mocks.  Or, the first week of them. By the second week, we were talking on MSN, and by work experiance, we had shared our mobile numbers, discovered that we were only a few hours from eachother, and had our first major phone call. And what a call that was.
Laughing, concern and so on proceeded that, the pair of us took a bit of a down turn, yet we're both on the mend, both leaning on eachother, helping eachother each step of the way. We are still both discovering things about ourselves, and eachother, with eachothers help. Thanks to Kidnap, I've managed to get to sleep - although I don't think that it worked that way for her >.<
She is just the most wonderful person, and so many times I've been on the end of the phone call, just listning and helping, and thats switched more times that I admit. She's given me the most wonderful and helpful advice in the world, and gotten me through some really shizzy times.

So, my dearest Kidnap, Thank you. Thank you for the past few months, may we keep on talking and finally meet over this year, and I promise that one summer when I learn to drive, I'll be taking you away on a tour of some of the places I've been in europe ^^
 Start saving - I am ^^

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